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A comparison of excavation methods between the War Eagle and Bertrand steamboats / Marquardt, Ashley, 2009.

The steamboats Bertrand and War Eagle operated in a similar brief period of time in the United States and were both primarily excavated in the 1960s. The sites described in this paper are representative of a terrestrial waterlogged site (Bertrand) and an underwater river site (War Eagle.) The paper highlights the problems associated with underwater archaeology compared to terrestrial. This paper is a synthesis of materials and a comparison of the Bertrand steamboat and War Eagle steamboat and the resulting archaeology. This comparison will discuss the excavation methods utilized by each group to their respected steamboats during the 1960s and how those methods impacted the archaeology record of these sites.

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955

Early Transportation on the Upper Mississippi / Charles Jagow

Early Steamboat and Packet Lines / Ruth Bristow

Early Steamboats on the Upper Mississippi River / Ruth Bristow

Mississippi River Steamboat Stories / Harry G. Dyer

La Crosse River History and the Davidsons / H.J. Hirshheimer

Recollections of a Pioneer Steamboat Pilot: Contributing to the Early History of the Mississippi/ George C. Nichols, 1883

This 40 page biography explores the career of George Nichols, an upper Mississippi River steamboat pilot from the 1840s – 1880s.

UW La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs

The UW-La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photograph collection consists of over 40,000 black and white photographic images of steamboats on the inland waterways of the United States, primarily the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers and their tributaries.

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