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50th Anniversary, Nine-Foot Navigation Channel, Upper Mississippi River: Old Man River: 1938-1988 (1988)

100th Anniversary, 1861-1961, Our Savior’s Ev. Lutheran Church La Crosse, Wisconsin (1961)

100th Anniversary of the First Baptist Church La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1852-1952 (1952)

1959 La Crosse State College Football Team: 2009 Reunion 50 Years of Fun and Memories (2009)

1998 Market Survey of La Crosse Area Tourist & Visitors (1998)

25 Years, 1928-1953 [Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 16th and Park La Crosse, Wisconsin] (1953)

An Account of the controversy surrounding the denial of University recognition to the chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society at Wisconsin State University - La Crosse (1970)

Agriculture of La Crosse County and the driftless region of Wisconsin: the phosphorous determination (appended) (1912)

Albert Hart Sanford, Teacher and Historian (1931-1955)

All the Best: Britain’s Picture Post Magazine, Best Mirror and Old Friend to Many, 1938-1957 (2010 revision)

Along the Waterloo Road (1981)

Alumnus (1941 to current)

Analysis of fish remains from the Krause Site (47LC41) in La Crosse County, WI (2009)

An Analysis of Norwegian-American Mortuary Art in Vernon County, Wisconsin (2004)

An Analysis of Recreational Use of the Downtown La Crosse River Wetlands (1989)

Application of Fecal Coliform - Fecal Streptococci Ratios as Indicators of Enteric Pollution in Pammel Creek (1973)

America’s Heartland Remembers (2002)

Anniversary Booklet of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin 125:  Years of God’s Love (1984)

Annual Report of Board of Trade of the City of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1879)

An Archaeological Analysis To Determine Seasonality At The Cade 9 Site In Vernon County, Wisconsin

Archaeological Survey of Timber Coulee (1998)

Around the Coulees (1974)

Assessment of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse undergraduate students' attitudes toward gay men and lesbians (1998)

Aquatic habitat change within selected pools of the Upper Mississippi River from 1974-2000 (2007)

Art Work of St. Croix and Mississippi Valley from Stillwater, Minn., to La Crosse, Wis. (1899)

Art Work of Valley of the Mississippi from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Keokuk, Iowa (1899)

At Home: Companion to Sweet Home (1878)

At Rest: Marche Funebre for the Piano (1883)

Attitudes Toward Science of Students Enrolled in Introductory Level Science Courses at UW-La Crosse (2006)

As Angels do in Heaven (2009)

August Wehausen (1931-1955)

Autobiography : A Translation from the Diary of John Adam Salzer (1925)

Autobiography of Harry Spence (1931-1955)

Avifauna of Myrick Marsh (1975)


Ballad for La Crosse: Opus 18 (1948)

The Beginnings of a Great Industry in La Crosse (1931-1955)

The Beginnings of Bangor (1931-1955)

Beginnings of the La Crosse Plow Company (1931-1955)

Beginnings of the Salzer Memorial Methodist Church (1931-1955)

Beloved Angel of Our Home: Song and Chorus, Geliebter Engel Uns'res Heims (1881)

Berceuse: cradle song for piano (1885)

Bethel Lutheran, Church La Crosse, Wisconsin: 75th Anniversary 1886-1961 (1961)

Bethel Lutheran Church 1886 – 1986

A Big Little Kid's Christmas (2007)

Biography of E.B. Rynning (1931-1955)

Biography of G. Van Steenwyk, Sr. (1931-1955)

Biography of H.J. Hirshheimer (1931-1955)

Biography of the business career of William Doerflinger (1895)

Biographical History of La Crosse, Monroe and Juneau Counties Wisconsin (1892)

Biographical History of La Crosse, Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties Wisconsin (1892)

Black La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1850-1906: Settlers, Entrepreneurs & Exodusers (2002)

The Black River Boom (1931-1955)

Bless the Work of Our Hands: A History of the First Congregational Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin 1852 – 1972 (1984)

Bloody Math: A Drama in Three Acts (2004)

A Breeding Bird Survey of Myrick Marsh and Hixon Forest (2000)

Bridge over the Mississippi River at La Crosse : Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting a Report Locating a Bridge Across the Mississippi River at La Crosse, Wisconsin (1873)

Bridging the Mississippi at La Crosse and Winona (1931-1955)

A brief historical review of some selected negotiations procedures between the personnel committee of the Board of Education, La Crosse City Public School District No. 5, et al., and the bargaining committee of the La Crosse Education Association, 1963-1968 (1968)

A Brief History of Gymnastics in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Turnverein (1960)

Brief History of St. Joseph's Cathedral Parish of La Crosse, Wis.:  in Memory of its Golden Jubilee January 4, 1913 = Kurze chronic der St. Joseph's Cathedral (1912)

A Brief History of the Clamming and Pearling Industry in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin (1968)

Brief History of the Citizens Education Committee of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1961-1968 (1969)

Brief History of the Division of Physical Education at Wisconsin State College, La Crosse, 1913-1953 (1958)

Brief History of the Formative Years of the Recreation Discipline at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1944-1968 (1986)

Brief History of the La Crosse County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy (1965)

Brief History of the Trane Company Maintenance and Production Workers Union (1967)

Brief History of the Vernon County Teachers Training School, 1907-1920 (1969)

Brief History of the Wisconsin Business University, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1967)

A Brief Sketch of La Crosse, Wisconsin Showing the Location of the Place, its Surrounding Scenery, Commercial Advantages, Early History, and the Social, Moral, Literary, and Religious Character of the Inhabitants; and Various Other Interesting Items (1854)

Brownfields remediation & Redevelopment success story: Riverside redevelopment project, CenturyTel, Inc & City of La Crosse, 2001 (2001)

The Building of the Southern Minnesota Railroad (1931-1955)


Capriccio: Morceau de Salon for Violin and Piano (1884)

Carl Rau, Artist (1931-1955)

The Car Ferry from La Crosse to Grand Crossing, Minnesota (1931-1955)

Cars in La Crosse: A Checklist of Automobile Dealers in La Crosse, Wisconsin from 1907 to 1980 (1985)

A Catalog of the Oyen Collection, from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (1979)

The Catholic History of La Crosse, Wis: In Two Chapters (1904)

Celebrate 75: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1985)

Cemetery Histories (2000)

Census and Basic Needs Survey of the Hmong Population of La Crosse (1985)

Centennial Booklet of the First Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, La Crosse, Wisconsin: 100 Years of Grace (1959?)

The Centennial History of St. Mary's Church, 1854-1954 (1954?)

A Checklist of La Crosse Hotels and Motels, 1840's-1967 (1978)

A Checklist of La Crosse Schools from the Beginnings to 1980 (1983)

Chipmunk Coulee Pioneers and their Early German Methodist Church (2002)

Challenger & Nurturer: Wisconsin Civil Rights Pioneer James Cameron (1914-2006) (2007)

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Burr Oak: A History of 150 Years of Christ's Congregation in Burr Oak 1855 – 2005 (2005)

Christian F. Hoffman, Teacher and Composer of Music (1931-1955)

A Chronicle of Christ’s Congregation in Burr Oak: A Sketch of the History of Burr Oak Evangelical Lutheran Church, R. 1, Mindoro, Wisconsin 1855-1980 (1980)

Chronology of Alumni Affairs and Traditions at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (1976)

Chronological History of the Development of the Campus School of Wisconsin State University at La Crosse, 1871-1970 (1970)

City Atlas of La Crosse, Wisconsin: Compiled from Actual Surveys and the City and County Records (1898)

The City of La Crosse, Wis.: Its Advantages for Residence, Resources and Commercial Progress (1892)

Civil War Diary of Captain Alexander A. Arnold (1975)

College Observes 25th Anniversary, (1984)

Comique Recherche Overture: for the Piano or Organ (1878)

Company Articles of Incorporation of the Minnesota and Plank Road (1873)

Comments on the Site of La Crosse by Early Explorers by Early Explorers Who Passed Up or Down the Mississippi River (1931-1955)

Company B (La Crosse) in the Spanish American War (1967)

Comparative study of black and white urban student decisions to attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1981)

A comparative study of the Swennes woven nettle bag and weaving technique (2009)

A comparison of excavation methods between the War Eagle and Bertrand steamboats (2009)

A comparison of perceptions of the quality of life in the residence halls at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse by gender (2002) and over a five year time period (1998-2002) (2003)

Comprehensive Index to La Crosse Time Trip Series compiled by Douglas Connell: covering a sampling of interesting events of 1885-1899; 1935-1949 from various La Crosse (Wis.) newspapers (2010)

Congregational and Presbyterian Beginnings in La Crosse (1931-1955)

To Congress from the Upper Mississippi River Improvement Association (1904)

Contested Memories: G. Heileman Brewery, Working Class Leisure, and the Origins of Oktoberfest in La Crosse (2005)

Construction, Right of Way Cost Analysis (1991)

The Contributions of Hans Christopher Reuter to Physical Education at La Crosse and in the State of Wisconsin (1969)

A Creel Survey and Economic Assessment of the Walleye Fishery in Pool 9 on the Upper Mississippi River During 1983-1984 (1981)

Curb Appeal (2003)


David W. Hogue: A Biography (1987)

Den Triumferende Fryd (1891)

Description and Prospectus of the Wisconsin Business University, La Crosse, Wisconsin and Other Business Training Schools Owned by F.J. Toland in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa (1902)

Descriptive Study of the Department of Medical Photography at Lutheran Hospital, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1972)

A determination of La Crosse Clergy’s Iinvolvement with Students at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse (1973)

The Development of Baseball as a Major Sport of the Wisconsin State College at La Crosse (1957)

Development of a Student Assistance Program (1987)

Development of a Tree-Ring Chronology from Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginia, L.) for the Upper Mississippi River Valley (2008)

The Development of and Trends in Student Governance at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse, 1909-1973 (1973)

The Development of Football at Wisconsin State University-La Crosse (1967)

Development of student affairs, La Crosse State Normal School to University of Wisconsin--La Crosse (1972)

A Diatom Population and Nutrient survey in the Mississippi River at Lock 7 and Lock 8 (1969)

Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin: v. Grant & Platte, Coon & Bad Axe, and La Crosse River basins (1985)

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Lottridge (1931-1955)

Dr. Wendell A. Anderson (1931-1955)

Dreams of the Past: Nocturne for Violin (or Flute) and Piano (1884)

Dress in Early La Crosse (1931-1955)


Early Customs and Activities of La Crosse Churches (1931-1955)

Early Days in Onalaska (1931-1955)

Early Kindergartens in La Crosse (1931-1955)

An Early Logging Contract (1931-1955)

Early Overland Routes of Travel to La Crosse (1931-1955)

Early Schools of La Crosse County (1985)

Early Settlement of La Crosse and Monroe Counties (1859)

Early Steamboat and Packet Lines (1931-1955)

Early Steamboats on the Upper Mississippi River (1931-1955)

Early Transportation on the Upper Mississippi (1931-1955)

Echoes of our Past: Vignettes of Historic La Crosse (1985)

Economic and Political History of the Township of Washington, La Crosse County, 1853-1900 (1964)

Economic Base Studies III : Technical Report see also Technical Report Update for Economic Base Studies III. (1984)

Edith J. Cartwright : dean among deans (1971)

Editorial Opinion of the La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press Prior to U.S. Entry into World War Two (1971)

Effects of Contaminants on Naiad Mollusks (Unionidae): A Review (1987)

The Effects of the Black Student and the Black Cultural Center Concept on the WSU-La Crosse Environment: A Study of White Student Attitudes (1970)

Effects of the Dairyland Power Cooperative Electrical Generating Facility on the Phycoperiphyton in Navigation Pool No. 9, Upper Mississippi River (1983)

EIS Environmental Impact Statement for North Campus Development at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (1978)

Elements of Community in the Goosetown Neighborhood (1991)

Emma Lou Wilder : She Came to Teach (1970)

Employee Wellness in La Crosse Area Small Businesses

The Environmental History of the Upper Mississippi River at Trempealeau, WI (2000)

Environmental Statement Marsh Land Fill (1972?)

An Evaluation of the Minority Cultural Center Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1974)

An Examination of the La Crosse Press and the Republican Party in the Wisconsin Election of 1904 (1972)

Examination of the La Crosse Press During the Political Campaign of 1912 (1967)

An Examination of the Vietnam Antiwar Movement at Wisconsin State University - La Crosse, 1965-1973 (2002)

Exploring the History of the Mississippi River (2006)


Factors affecting the retention of reserve officer training corps students at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (1974)

Field and Laboratory Study Evaluating the Possibility of Manodistomum Syntomentera Causing Malformations In Frogs of the Mississippi River Valley (1998)

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Dedication of the First Methodist Episcopal Church La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1886-1936: November 27th-December 1 (1936)

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, La Crosse, Wisconsin [English translation]

The Fight for Physical Connection of Telephone Systems (1931-1955)

Final Environmental Impact Statement : La Crosse North-South Transportation Corridor Study, IH-90 to USH 14/61, USH 53, STH 35, and STH 16 (1998)

The First Kindergarten in La Crosse, a Tribute to Miss Mary Williams (1931-1955)

The First Telephone of La Crosse (1931-1955)

Fish impingement at Dairyland Power Cooperative's Genoa site (1977)

Flood Plain Information on Mississippi River and Tributaries in Vicinity of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1970)

The Flora of La Crosse County (1969)

Footsteps (2008)

Forms and Spaces: Sculpture in La Crosse, Wisconsin (1992)

Four Coulee Boys and the Civil War (1971)

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare: A History (2002)

Free Thought Miscellany (1887)

From Sawmills to Sunfish: A History of Onalaska, Wisconsin (1985)

Funfzigjahriges Jubilaum der Ersten Deutschen Ev. Gemeinde au La Crosse, Wisconsin (1909)


Gaga Over a Gargoyle (2008)

A General Sketch of La Crosse History (1931-1955)

The General Wind Characteristics of the Greater La Crosse Region (2008)

A Geographic Study of Urban Service Areas, With Specific Reference to La Crosse, Wisconsin (1960)

The Geography and economic development of La Crosse County (1920)

The Geography of La Crosse and the La Crosse trade territory (1931)

George Edwin Taylor

George F. Brice (199?)

The German-American Experience: The Altmann Family (2002)

George Coleman Poage: His La Crosse, Wisconsin Years, 1885-1904 (1985)

A Gift to La Crosse: A History of the La Crosse Public Library (1997)

Girlhood Recollections (1931-1955)

God Knows What You'll Do Before You Die: Song and Chorus (1883)

The Good Old Days (1991)

Grandview Hospital: A Grand History (1999)

Grassroots Rebels: Municipal Power and Railroad Regulation in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1883-1900 (2005)

Great Lakes Maritime History Project (2002)


Habits and Habitats of Fishes in the Upper Mississippi River (1985)

A Half Century of Wheat and Tares in Bostwick Valley (1976)

Hamlin Garland: His West Salem Years, 1893-1915 (1971)

Harmon J.B. Miller (1931-1955)

The Harring Era: The History of Football at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse: From 1969 to 1997, the 29 Years Under Head Coach Roger Harring (1998)

Heileman's History (1982)

His Dreams Came True: Sketch of Colonel Thomas B. Stoddard, First Mayor of La Crosse (1931-1955)

Historic Homes of Neshonoc and West Salem (1931-1955)

Historic La Crosse : Architectural and Historic Record (1984)

A Historical Analysis of the Lower La Crosse River 1841-Present (1990)

Historical Development of Admissions Requirements at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1971)

Historical Development of Public Education in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Up to and Including the Year 1925 (1951)

Historical development of student activities and student centers at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1909-1973 (1976)

The historical development of the Career Services Office at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1965 to 1985 (1986)

Historical development of the student centers committee at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 1959-82 (1982)

Historical evolution of the international internship program at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (1993)

Historical overview of the academic skills center at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse from Fall 1975 to Spring 1985 (1987)

Histories of Roads and Transportation Systems in the La Crosse River Valley (1994)

History of Cargill Parish House, First Presbyterian Church La Crosse, Wisconsin (1958)

History of Hogan School (1980)

History of Immanuel Lutheran Church of La Crosse (Wis.) (1985)

History of Irish Coulee (1994)

History of La Crosse Wisconsin, 1900-1950 (1959)

History of La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1881)

History of Men's Track and Field at Wisconsin State University at La Crosse (1968)

The History of Onalaska, Wisconsin, 1840-1976 (1976)

The History of Parks: with an Emphasis on the La Crosse Park System (1990)

History of Photography in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1853-1930 (1978)

History of Rockland: Greetings from Rockland, Wis. (2010)

History of St. Ann’s Hospital, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1912-2001 (2005)

History of Smith Valley School (1987)

History of the Trane Company (1984)

History of Theatre in La Crosse, Wisconsin, From Its Beginning to 1900 (1972)

A History of United Fund for the Arts and Humanities: 1983-2008 (2009)

History of UW-La Crosse Collection

History of the Brewing Industry in La Crosse (1976)

History of the Campus School at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1909 to 1973 (1988)

History of the City of La Crosse, 1841-1871 (1915)

A History of the Greek Letter General Fraternal Societies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1909-75 (1975)

A History of the Guidance Program of the La Crosse Public Schools under the Leadership of Miss Josephine Hintgen, 1920-1957 (1969)

History of the Jews of La Crosse (1913)

History of the La Crosse Police Department: The First Forty Years (1977)

The history of the La Crosse Rubber Mill (1990)

History of the Natural Setting of La Crosse Wisconsin (1931-1955)

A History of the Office of Extension Education at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse, 1974 -1982 (1984)

The History of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Housing Operation, with Special Emphasis on the Hall Director Position (1987)

History of Wesley United Methodist Church (1987)

History Repeats Itself, Annexation of the Town of Campbell (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Evelyn Hartley (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Floods (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Generosity of the People of La Crosse (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Grandad Bluff (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Hixon Forest (2003)

History Repeats Itself, "J.S." Fire (2003)

History Repeats Itself, "James Malbon" Explosion (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Natural Beauty (2003)

History Repeats Itself, North-South Corridor (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Onalaska Church Murders (2003)

History Repeats Itself, School Boundaries (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Ten Commandments Controversy (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Terry A. Dolowy Murder (2003)

History Repeats Itself, "War Eagle" Tragedy (2003)

History Repeats Itself, Weibel & Frydenlund Murders (2003)

Hixon Forest Comprehensive Plan (2005)

The Hixon House (1987)

Holmen Area Centennial (1962)

Home Pleasures: Four Characteristics and Instructive Pieces for the Piano Forte (opus 20) Includes: Delights of Spring, Christmas Hymn, Evening Song, Wedding Bells
By C. F. Hoffmann; published by W. F. Shaw, 1883

The Home of Tri-State Ice Cream by Tri-State Ice Cream Corporation (1919-1926?)

How Cameron Park Came About (1931-1955)

Humbug Coulee: Diary of a Census Enumerator (1976)

The Humane Society and its Successors (1931-1955)


I Don't Know Schottische (1878)

Illustrated Catalogue: La Crosse Plow Works (1885?) (pdf copy)

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin: Jubilee, 1888-1908-1933 (1933)

An Immigrant's Memories (1931-1955)

Impact Study of Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1974)

Index to City of La Crosse, Wisconsin Intensive Survey Report: Architectural and Historical Survey Project by Joan Rausch and Richard Zietlin (1996) index compiled by Anita Taylor Doering and Carrie Ann Seib, 1999.

Impingement and Entrainment of Fishes at the Dairyland Power Cooperative Alma, Wisconsin Power Plants (1981)

Impingement and Entrainment of Fishes at Dairyland Power Cooperative’s Genoa Site (1980)

Index to La Crosse Tribune 1990-present

Individualizing Instruction in Arithmetic in the Fifth Grad at Campus School (1964)

Indoor Games of Boys and Girls in Early Times (1931-1955)

Industries of La Crosse Wisconsin (1884)

The Industries of La Crosse, Wis. (1888)

In Celebration, 125th Anniversary: First Presbyterian Church, La Crosse, Wisconsin, May 4 and 5, 1991 (1991)

An Intensive and Architectural and Historical Survey Report of La Crosse County : containing three reports of surveys of the La Crosse County Heritage Corridor, Southern La Crosse County, and Northern La Crosse County compiled in 1995, 1998, and 2002 (2004)

Interior Decorations and Furnishing, 1870-1900 (1931-1955)

Into Our Second Century, 1888-1988: La Crosse Public Library (1988)

Inventory and Evaluation : a Land Use Management Plan for the La Crosse River Valley (1997)

An Investigation of Premarital Sexual Permissiveness of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Students (1972)

Investigation of the Melting Pot Theory: To what Extent is it Applicable to Welsh Immigrants in Bangor, Wisconsin, U.S.A. (1989)

Iron Brigade Company B, La Crosse (1965)

Iron Brigade in the First Day's Battle at Gettysburg (1895)

It Started with Twelve:  First Congregational Church UCC, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1852 – 2002 (2002)


James Cameron Journalist

Jewish Settlers of La Crosse to 1880

Joseph N. Nicollet Maps. September 28-November 14, 1839. Untitled pen-and-ink manuscript map, in French, of the Mississippi River from Fort Snelling (Minneapolis-St. Paul, in southeastern Minnesota) to the mouth of the Des Moines River (near present Keokuk, southeastern Iowa) (1839)

Joseph N. Nicollet Maps. September 28-November 14, 1839. Untitled pen-and-ink manuscript map, in French, of the Mississippi River from Fort Snelling (Minneapolis-St. Paul, in southeastern Minnesota) to the mouth of the Des Moines River (near present Keokuk, southeastern Iowa); map charting the lower reaches of the La Crosse River east of the town of La Crosse. (1839)

Josiah L. Pettingill (1931-1955)


Kilian C. Flash : Second Bishop of La Crosse (1958)

Knowledge, awareness, and practices related to nitrate well water testing among private well owners in La Crosse County, Wisconsin (2010)

Kurzgefafzte Geschichte der Ev.= Luth. St. Johnannes=Gemeinde in Bostwick Valley Barre Mills, La Crosse Co., Wis. Zur Erinnerung an ihr 50 jahriges Jubilaum. 1870-1920 (1920)


Laboratory Colonization of One Mosquito Species and Cytogenetic Analysis of Two Genera and Four Species in the Myrick Marsh Floodplain of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1975)

La Crosse, 1867

La Crosse, 1873

La Crosse, 1887

La Crosse, A Case Study in Social History, 1900-1910 (1948)

La Crosse Airport Dedication (1947)

La Crosse Architects: A Checklist of Architects in the City of La Crosse from 1853 to 1973. (1977)

La Crosse Boards of Trade and Chamber of Commerce (1931-1955)

La Crosse by the Camera (1894)

La Crosse Churches, 1852-1900 (1998 rev. 2007)

La Crosse City Directories, 1866-1924

La Crosse City Hall: Dedication July 4, 1970 (1970)

La Crosse County Building, La Crosse, Wisconsin: Dedication Program: Sunday, May 23, 1965 (1965)

La Crosse County Historical Maps (1886)

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955 (1931-1955)

La Crosse Healers: A Checklist of Physicians, Midwives, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Miscellaneous Practitioners in the City of La Crosse, Wisconsin from the 1840s to the 1980s. (1985)

La Crosse Illustrated (1887)

La Crosse Labor History (?)

The La Crosse Medical School (1931-1955)

La Crosse Panoramic Map (1911)

La Crosse Public Library: Dedication November 5, 1967 (1967)

La Crosse Public Library: Into the 21st Century, 1888-1997 (1997)

La Crosse River Conservancy Project (1998-2002)

La Crosse River History and the Davidsons (1931-1955)

La Crosse River Marsh: History of an Urban Wetland (2005)

La Crosse River Pollution Investigation Survey (1971)

La Crosse River Valley Study : Phase 2, Alternative Analysis: Technical Report Floodplain Analysis, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1990)

La Crosse Saengerfest March (1908)

La Crosse Schottisch (1877)

La Crosse and Vicinity Wildlife-Wetland Survey (1980)

La Crosse State University reaction to the Vietnam War, 1964-1969 (1991)

La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1862-1882: Crime, the Police Court, the Newspapers (1971)

La Crosse, Wisconsin: An Ecological History (2004)

La Crosse, Wisconsin: The Gateway City A City of Great Enterprises, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed. (1904?)

La Crosse's turn of the century Middle Eastern community (1991)

Late prehistoric bone marrow extraction : a case study in western Wisconsin (2009)

Leon W. Miller (1974)

Leonard's Dream: A History of West Salem (1981)

Leisure with Dignity: A History of the La Crosse Club (1997)

Letter from Frank H. Nutter, Landscape Architect to Albert Wells Pettibone, Chairman of the Pettibone Park Commission (1902)

Lewis Valley (1931-1955)

Life in a Lumber Camp (1931-1955)

Limnological Observations in the Upper Mississippi, (1921)

Little Body-Guard Waltz (1878)

Lodging in La Crosse, Wisconsin: 1880s (1992)

Log Marking (1931-1955)

Log Scaling (1931-1955)

Log Marking and Scaling (1931-1955)

Logger's Words of Yesteryears (1956)

Looking Pine in Wisconsin (1931-1955)

Lower Black River Priority Watershed Project Final Report (1997)

Lumber Jack Poems (1931-1955)

The Lumbering Industry of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1841-1905 (1953)

Lumbering on the Black River at Onalaska, Wisconsin, 1852-1902 (1974)


Macrobenthic survey of Navigation Pool No. 8 of the Upper Mississippi River, with special reference to ecological relationships (1977)

The Making of a Park System in La Crosse : Report (1911) if link is broken, use this cached version

Making Men: The Culture of Masculinity at La Crosse State Normal School, 1909-1920 (2005)

The Manufacture of Rubber Footwear: An Illustrated Story of Rubber from its Growth to the Finished Product (1925)

Manufacturing in La Crosse, 1853-1880 (1931-1955)

Manufacturing in La Crosse, 1853-1880, additions and corrections (1931-1955)

M.M. “Brick Pomeroy: Forgotten Man of the Nineteenth Century (1979)

Map of the City of Onalaska, Wisconsin 1889 (large file)

Map of the County of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1874

Map of the La Crosse and Milwaukee Rail Road and connections (1855)

Maps and Atlases of La Crosse County and the Upper Mississippi River(2009)

Mark M. Pomeroy: Copperhead Editor: A Study in Transition (1953)

The Masque of Marsh and River (1915)

Medicine, the Gundersen Experience, 1891-1991 : Gundersen Clinic, Ltd., La Crosse, Wisconsin (1991)

Meeting Two British Journalists who Made History (2009)

Memoirs of La Crosse County (1907)

Memoirs of Mindoro and Area, 1846-1969: 123 Years (1969?)

Memories of Lumbering on Black River (1931-1955)

Methodism in La Crosse from 1849 to 1904 (1904)

Midway Prairie Scientific Area (1961)

The Midway Village Site: an Intra-site Analysis (1966)

Milo Knutson: The Man and the Myth (1971)

Mina's Birthday Polka Redowa (1878)

Mississippi River Flood: April 2001 (2001)

Mississippi River Steamboat Stories (1931-1955)

Mississippi Stick (1977-1978)

Modest Archival Photobook: Representative Photos included in the Smithsonian Institution, Viterbo University, the British National Portrait Gallery, the State Historical Societies of Wisconsin and Missouri, the La Crosse Public Library, and other Notable Archives (2009)

More About Early La Crosse Kindergartens (1931-1955)

More Records and Reminiscences (1931-1955)

The Mormons of Mormon Coulee (1931-1955)

Morning Glory: Marche Brillante (opus 12) (1885)

Morphological and molecular characterization of Mycorrhizal fungi associated with a disjunct stand of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) in Wisconsin (2006)

Municipal Records on file with the Office of the Secretary of State, State of Wisconsin

Murmuring Lake Waltz (1878)

Music of Early La Crosse (1931-1955)

Musings (1970s)

My Son, A Man for All Seasons (2010)

My Two Korean Sojourns (2007)

Myrick Marsh Nature Trails Guide (1976)


Naiad Mollusks of the Black River at the Clinton Street Bridge: La Crosse, Wisconsin, May 1978 (1978)

The Name Onalaska (1931-1955)

National Attention: Local Connection: La Crosse's Contributions to the Arts and Entertainment in America (2013)

Natural Resource Inventory (1990)

The Needs Assessment of a Support Group for Spinal Cord Injury Members of the La Crosse and Surrounding Areas (2002)

Neshonoc: A Place Like No Other (1994)

New Day (2009)

New Momentum: Prologue and Anthem (1996)

Nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by nymphaea tuberosa and ceratophyllum demersum in Lake Onalaska, Navigation Pool 7 of the Upper Mississippi River (1977)

Noise Analysis (1991)

Noise Analysis Addendum (1992)

Non-intellectual and attitudinal variables involved in the high attrition rate of black students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1974)

Normanna Sangerkor (1933-1955)

Notes on Early La Crosse (1931-1955)

Nutrient (N,P) Dynamics, Hydrology, and Sedimentation Rates of Lake Neshonoc, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1986)

Nutrient Limitation of Periphyton in Western Wisconsin Streams during Winter Baseflow Months


O, Tell Me Again You Love Me: Song and Chorus = O Sage Mochmals die Worte (1880)

Official Souvenir View Book Out-Door Winter Carnival, La Crosse, Wisconsin, January 25-28, 1922 (1922?)

Official Score Card, Inter-State Fair

Oft in the Stilly Night (1953)

The Ohio Mill Company (1931-1955)

Old First Ward School Days, Two Episodes (1931-1955)

Old Man River (1931-1955)

Old-time Kitchens and Cooking (1931-1955)

Olden Days, Boys' Games and Sports (1931-1955)

Onalaska Centennial, 1852-1952 (1952)

Oneota Food Storage Technology – Experiment in Pit Storage of Maize (1998)

Oneota subsistence-related behavior in the Driftless Area : a study of the Valley View Site near La Crosse, Wisconsin (1985) Appendices

Opening Celebration of the Southern Minnesota Railway (1870)

Operatic Entrance (2007)

Origin of the Holmen High School (1912)

Our Society and the Centennial years, 1941 and 1942 (1931-1955)


Palisades and Coulees; the Scenic Mississippi Valley from Prairie du Chien to Red Wing (1948)

Parasites of catostomid fishes from navigation pools 8 and 9 of the upper Mississippi River (Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and the lower Missouri National Recreational River (Nebraska, South Dakota) (2007)

Participation of the Twenty-Fifth Regiment Infantry Wisconsin Volunteers in the Civil War (1976)

The Passing of the Sawmills and the Growth of Manufacturers in La Crosse (1931-1955)

Penny Postcards from Wisconsin: A USGenWeb Archives Web Site

Pepsi in His Blood: The Norman Gillette, Sr. Story (1996)

Personal Recollections of Nathan Myrick (1931-1955)

Phase II Investigations at 47 LC 480, The Skemp Site (2001)

Phases of La Crosse County Medicine, 1855-1920 (1966)

Philippi Art Souvenir of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1904 First Edition)

Philippi Art Souvenir of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1906 Trade Edition)

Photo History of UW-L

Photographic Equality: Dorothea Lange, Her Migrant Mother, and the Nisei Internees (2009)

Pictorial Souvenir of the Police Department of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1912)

The Pictured Cave of La Crosse Valley, Near West Salem, Wisconsin (1879)

Pictures of Human Life: Documenting the Personal Spirit in my Little Black-and-White Photobook (2006)

Pioneer Stories Retold (1931-1955)

Pioneering in Wisconsin and Minnesota (1931-1955)

Plat Books and Maps of La Crosse County, Wisconsin:

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  • 1906
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  • 1931

Plat Book of the State of Wisconsin [La Crosse County townships only]

Below, you can select an individual township map for viewing or copying.

Political Career of White Beaver Powell, Mayor of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1966)

Political and Social Activism within the Campus Community of Wisconsin State University-La Crosse from 1966-1970: Local Expression of a National Movement (1988)

Pollen gathering by honey bees in La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1978)

The Poor and Public Health in La Crosse in the Nineteenth Century (1999)

Portfolio of La Crosse People Past and Present (1908?)

Post Office of North La Crosse (1931-1955)

Practices of preservation in the Goosetown neighborhood (2007)

Prehistoric Ceramic Production: Raw Materials and Firing Methods of the La Crosse locality Oneota (2002)

Problems of foreign students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1974)

Proposed impact of the ethnic studies requirement on traditionally aged undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (1991)

Prostitution in La Crosse Between 1876 and 1913 (1975)

Public Input on the Hixon Forest Comprehensive Plan : A Case Study (2004)

Public schools of La Crosse, Wis.:Course of Study, Rules and Regulations :Lists and Prices of Text-books (1908)

Push: An Illustrated Journal of Business v. 3 no. 5 (Nov. 1902) [cover title: Push: An Illustrated Edition of Progressive and Industrial La Crosse]

Putting it in Writing: An Exalted Leader in London (2009)

Putting it in Writing: Interviewing the Top Palestinian Director in London (2009)


A qualitative study of Japanese students' motivations, expectations and experiences at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (2002)

Quantitative Survey of the Phytoplankton and Water Quality of the La Crosse, "Black" and Mississippi Rivers (1972)

The quantity and nutritive quality of Vallisneria americana biomass, in navigation pool no. 9 of the Upper Mississippi River (1982)


Rafting in Black River (1931-1955)

Rafting on Black River (1931-1955)

The Rag-Tag and the Bobtail: Personal Reminiscences of John B. Coleman: Director of the La Crosse Vocational and Adult School from 1916 to 1963 (1971)

Recommendations: a Land Use Management Plan for the La Crosse River Valley (1997)

Recollections, 1909-1973, Campus School University of Wisconsin La Crosse (1992)

Recollections of a Pioneer Steamboat Pilot: Contributing to the Early History of the Mississippi (1883)

Recollections of Early Days in La Crosse County (1931-1955)

Recollections of John P. Bird (1927)

Recollections of Social Welfare Work (1931-1955)

Recollections of T.B. Stoddard (1931-1955)

Records and Reminiscences (1931-1955)

Reminiscence, ca. 1904 [manuscript] / Levy, Fredericka Augusta

Reminiscence, ca. 1904 [published in Four Episodes in Wisconsin Pioneers] / Levy, Fredericka Augusta

Reminiscences of a La Crosse County Pioneer (1931-1955)

Reminiscences of a Lumber Camp Teamster / recounted by M. Desmond

Reminiscences of Early La Crosse, Wisconsin: An Account of the Men and Women Who Lived in La Crosse and Vicinity ... (1928)

Reminiscences of Early Times (1892)

Reminiscences of My Childhood (1931-1955)

Report on City Plan Covering the General Problems in their Relation to the War Memorial (1919)

Report on the application of the La Crosse Gas and Electric Co. for authority to increase its rates (1912)

A Report on the Condition of the Lower La Crosse River and Two of its Tributaries (1973)

Report on Marsh Fill, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1946)

A Report on Some Historic Structures in the Downtown Area [of] La Crosse, Wisconsin (1977)

Resignation: English and German Words (1879)

Riverside Park Revitalization (1994)


A Satellite-Based Assessment of the 2001 La Crosse Flood (2004)

Sawmills of Onalaska, North La Crosse and La Crosse (1931-1955)

Scenes of Childhood: Song and Chorus (1879)

Service Areas of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1961)

Settlement Patterns of La Crosse County, Wisconsin 1850-1875 (1975)

The Settlement of the Town of Hamilton (1931-1955)

Seventy - Fifth Anniversary of the First Baptist Church, 1852 – 1927: January 21st, 22nd, 23rd (1927)

Seventy Five Years for Christ [cover title:  Diamond Jubilee October 1st to 4th, 1936, Our Saviors Evangelical Lutheran Church La Crosse, Wisconsin] (1936)

Since the Turn of the Century in La Crosse (1931-1955)

Singers’ Jubilee March: Sangerlust (opus 21) (1882)

A Sketch of Gideon Cooley Hixon: La Crosse Lumberman (1967)

Smell of the Sawdust (1931-1955)

Small, but Oh!—Polka (1878)

Social Equality Between 1962 and 1983: The Lives of Women on Campus at UW - La Crosse (1995)

The Social History of the House at 1328 State Street, La Crosse, WI (2002)

Social Welfare Directory of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1913)

Soil Survey of La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1913)

Soil survey, La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1960)

Soil and Water Conservation Needs Study, La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1960)

Soldiers and Citizens’ Album of Biographical Record [of Wisconsin] Containing Personal Sketches of Army Men and Citizens Prominent in Loyalty to the Union (1890)

Some Early La Crosse County Authors (1931-1955)

Some Early La Crosse Steamboats (1931-1955)

Some Ecological Aspects of Myrick Marsh with an Emphasis on Animal Populations (1975)

Some Economic Aspects of the Lumber Industry (1931-1955)

Song of Joy – or, the Old Reliables: A Sequel to Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock (2010)

Sourcing of an Unidentified Chert from Western Wisconsin Paleo-Indian Assemblages (2002)

A Souvenir of La Crosse (191-?)

Souvenir of La Crosse (1892)

Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of the Holy Trinity Congregation (1937)

Souvenir of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of First German Evangelical Lutheran Church La Crosse, Wisconsin (1934)

Souvenir of the Silver Anniversary of the St. Francis Hospital, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1883-1908 (1908)

Souvenir Views of the Upper Mississippi (1904)

Species-area relations of cattail marsh avifauna (1983)

Species composition and diversity of bird communities in four wetland habitats of the upper Mississippi River floodplain (1982)

Spirit of America volume 1 (2001)

Spirit of America volume 2 (2008)

Spirit of America volume 3 (2009)

Spirit of America and the World: A Black-and-White Anthology of Visual Gists of Stories (2009)

Spirit of La Crosse: A Grassroots History (2000)

Spirit of the World: A Group Photographic Portrayal of Nature, People, Stories and Miracles (2006)

Spirit of Wisconsin: A Historical Photo-Essay of the Badger State (2005)

State of the Bad Axe-La Crosse River Basin (2002)

Statistic and Visual Patterns within Oneota Pottery (2002)

Steamboats & Mississippi and Inland Rivers (2000-current)

The Story of Carl Hanson (1931-1955)

The Story of My Life by Billie Button (1914?)

Strategic Plan 2003 (UW-La Crosse) (2003)

Student perceptions of community on co-educational and single-sex floors in the residence halls at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (2002)

A Study of Black Students’ Attitudes Toward Student Activities at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (1977)

A Study of Black Student’s Social and Academic Life at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: A Study of Black Attitudes (1971)

A Study of the growth and development of the La Crosse Area United Fund with emphasis on the period of 1961 to 1970 (1970)

A Study of the Characteristics of La Crosse County Labor Force and its Relationship to the Economy of the Area (1964)

A Study of the Phycoperiphyton Community in the Black River, La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1977)

A Study of Two Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright and Percy Bentley (1970)

A Summary of a Geoarchaeological Perspective on the Archaeological Potential of the Lower La Crosse River Valley (1989)

The Sunday Press (1894)

A Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles on a 318 Acre Dry Grassland Property in La Crosse County, Wisconsin (2003)

Survey of Competitive Athletics for Young Children in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area (1979)

A Survey of Halfway Creek, La Crosse County, Wisconsin to Determine Temperatures, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Nitrite-Nitrogen, Ortho Phosphate, and Sediment Present in the Creek (1972)

A Survey of Parents' Opinions on Mainstreaming the Handicapped into the Regular Classroom at Harry Spence School, La Crosse, Wisconsin (1975)

Survey of the Fauna and Flora in the City of La Crosse Area Wetlands Final Project Report: Natural Resources 491 (1979)

Survey of the Flora and Fauna in the La Crosse Marsh, La Crosse County, Wisconsin (1985)

Survey of La Crosse Harbor, Wisconsin: letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, with a letter from the Chief of Engineers, report of a survey of La Crosse Harbor, Wisconsin. Upper Mississippi River pool no.7, mile 696 to mile 716 (1897)

Survey of Small Mammals in a Wet Meadow Habitat of the Upper Mississippi River Floodplain (1999)

A Survey of the History of the Burr Oak Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mindoro, Wisconsin 1855 – 1955 (1955?)

Swarthout Memorial Addition to the La Crosse Public Library (1980)

The Swiss Settlers of Mormon Coulee (1931-1955)


Take a Glimpse of La Crosse’s Past (1992)

Technical Report Update for Economic Base Studies III see also Economic Base Studies II: Technical Report (1998)

Telephone Systems of La Crosse (1931-1955)

The Three Jubilees, 1873-1948, Saint Wenceslaus Parish (1948)

Town of Shelby History (1978)

Total war on the home front :LaCrosse, Wisconsin and the world wars (1976)

Traffic Analysis (1991)

Trane: Our History (2008)

Treasure-Trove Waltz (1880)

Trempealeau and the Mississippi River Dam, (1985?)

Triumph-marsch - Triumphal March (1883)

True Tales of La Crosse:  Unusual Stories from Old Newspapers of La Crosse, Wisconsin (1994)

Twenty-year history of the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program,

Two Old Songs (1931-1955)

Two Songs (?)

Types of Architecture Illustrated in La Crosse and Vicinity (1931-1955)


University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Racquet (1910/11-1974-75 & 2000/01-current)

UW-L: 75th Commemorative Edition (1984)

UW-L Continuing Education and Extension

UW-La Crosse Graduate and Undergraduate Course Catalogs

UW La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs

UW-La Crosse Racquet Yearbook

U. S. Post Office, La Crosse: Open House, April 16, 1978 (1978)

The Upper Mississippi River Improvement Association (1968)

Upper Mississippi River Navigational Charts compiled by the United States Army Corps of Engineers

Using Ground Conductivity as a Geophysical Survey Technique to Locate Potential Archaeological Sites in the Bad Axe River Valley of Western Wisconsin (2006)


The Value of Green Marketing Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (2007)

The Value of Photography (2009)

A Vegetational Analysis of the Floodplain Fforests and a Floristic Survey of Van Loon Wildlife Area (1981)

A Vermonter in the West, 1859 (1931-1955)

Views About La Crosse (1885)

Vital Washington: A Jubilee Year 2000 Photo-Essay (2000)

Vocal Favorites
By C. F. Hoffmann; Poetry by Mrs. H. A. Manville; Published by W. F. Shaw, (1885) Includes: Sunshine in the Heart, To be With Three, Do Your Best

A View of the Sawyer and Austin Sawmill, 1886-1889 (1931-1955)

Voices Through Time: An Oral History of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Health Education and Health Promotion Department (2002)


Walter J. Wittich: Physical Educator, 1885-1953 (1967)

The Washburn Tapestry: Weaving a Sense of Place: Washburn Neighborhood, La Crosse, Wisconsin (2003)

Wedding March (1878)

Welcome Dad's Day : La Crosse State vs. River Falls program (1959)

Welcome Overature: Piano duet, Four Hands (opus 40) (1885)

We Need a Roof Over Our Heads: The Story of the La Crosse Housing Authority (1998)

We Walk: A History of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 519 (1994)

Westby, Wisconsin - An Early Social History (1975)

West Salem: The Story of its Development (1963?)

What Do You Remember: Memories of a Neighborhood (1998)

White Beaver's March (1884)

Why I Sing (1953)

Wisconsin Domesday Book Vol. 1: Town Studies: Bangor (1937)

Wisconsin Hometown Stories-La Crosse

Wisconsin Labor Advocate (1886-1887)

Wisconsin Pioneer Experience (?)

Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records: Original Field Notes and Plat Maps (?)

Witnessing History with a Camera: Ralph Morse Gets ‘er Done (2009)

Women's Lib and the UW-L Woman: 1970-1975

Woodland occupation of the Lower Sand Lake Site (47Lc45-1), La Crosse, Wisconsin (2009)

Working-class culture and unionization in North La Crosse, Wisconsin (1983)


Years to Remember (1985?)

The Young Men's Library Association and Other Antecedents of La Crosse Public Library (1931-1955)


Zur Erinnerung an das Funfzigjahrige Jubilaum der Ev. Luth. Christus-Gemeinder zu Burr Oak Wisconsin am 10. September 1905 (1905)

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