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Autobiography and First-Hand Accounts

Addie Tripp's diary, Daily Life for a Working Class Woman in Onalaska, 1864.

"Addie Tripp was a single woman, perhaps a domestic servant, who lived with the William Johnson family of Onalaska, Wisconsin, during the Civil War. Her diary describes her daily household tasks for the family and community life during the war."

Autobiography : A Translation from the Diary of John Adam Salzer by Emma Salzer Hallauer (Springfield, Mo. : Emma Salzer Hallauer?), 1925.

John Adam Salzer, an emigrant from Wuerttemberg, Germany, became a Methodist preacher in the early history of La Crosse County and eventually founded the Salzer Seed Company. In about 1869 Salzer recorded his remembrances of his life up to that time in his native German language. In 1925, his daughter Emma Salzer Hallauer published this small booklet as a translation of his diary and added a page to fill out the rest of her father's life.

George F. Brice / George F. Brice, 199?

Autobiography of George F. Brice who was born in Midway (on Brice’ Prairie) where his parents were early settlers.

Humbug Coulee: Diary of a Census Enumerator / Estella K. Bryhn, 1976.

This is a 100 page work of fiction “based on facts of the Federal Decennial Census.” The story is of a young census taker and her interactions with the rural residents of a coulee of western Wisconsin in the spring of 1950.

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955

Reminiscences of a La Crosse County Pioneer / William Van Zant

Recollections of T.B. Stoddard / H.E. Rogers

Reminiscences of My Childhood / Dr. J.E. Engstad

Recollections of Early Days in La Crosse County / W.E. Barber

August Wehausen / Augusta Wehausen

Harmon J.B. Miller / Mary I. Miller

Personal Recollections of Nathan Myrick / an interview with Frank Winter

Girlhood Recollections / Mrs Levi B. Pease

Pioneering in Wisconsin and Minnesota / Louis Larson

Records and Reminiscences / Egid Hackner

An Immigrant's Memories / Mrs. T.S.V. Wroolie

Old First Ward School Days, Two Episodes / H.J. Hirshheimer & Recalling School Days / E.O. Edwards & Pleasant Memories / Wesley S. Mow

More Records and Reminiscences / Egid Hackner

Autobiography of Harry Spence / Harry Spence 

Pioneer Stories Retold, The Dow Family / Evelyn McClintock, Pioneer Days in Holland Township / Arnold Black, A Pioneer Days / R. and Mildred Meyer, Pioneer Days / R. and Mildred Hulberg, Grandfather's Memories of Indians / Wayne C. Bradley, Their First Christmas in America / Calverna Schams, A Bohemian Family on St. Joseph's Ridge / Frances Clements

The Rag-Tag and the Bobtail: Personal Reminiscences of John B. Coleman: Director of the La Crosse Vocational and Adult School from 1916 to 1963, 1971.

This publication is based on an oral history interview that John Coleman did in 1969 with Howard Fredricks from Wisconsin State University-La Crosse. It includes 68 pages of the interview, edited by Donald Meinert in 1971, and 8 pages of photographs that recount John Coleman’s long career as director of the La Crosse Vocational and Adult School, now called Western Wisconsin Technical College.

Recollections of John P. Bird by Louis H. Pammel (S. l.: s. n.), 1927.

A small press publication is a biography of La Crosse educator and school superintendent John P. Bird compiled by Louis Pammel. Bird spent over thirty-five years in the La Crosse city school district, serving from 1875-1911.

Reminiscence, ca. 1904 [manuscript] / Levy, Fredericka Augusta

A history of La Crosse as told in reminiscences of Fredericka Augusta (Mrs. John M.) Levy, from the time of her arrival in 1845 until about 1904. Her husband, John Levy, came to La Crosse as a fur trader and later served as mayor of La Crosse three times. Mrs. Levy originally wrote this manuscript in German but later, with the help of her ten-year old grandchild, she translated it. It documents the growth La Crosse from a fur trading post to a prosperous lumbering center and steamboat port and provides perceptive insights, sometimes humorous, about those changes.

Reminiscence, ca. 1904 [published in Four Episodes in Wisconsin Pioneers] / Levy, Fredericka Augusta

Includes published excerpts of reminiscences by two La Crosse pioneers. The first is
by Fredericka Augusta Levy and includes a description of the small community of La Crosse she found upon her arrival in 1846; encounters with Indians; and the first Episcopal service (1849) in La Crosse. Mrs. Levy’s complete manuscript memoir can be found at here. The second reminiscence is a short account by John S. Harris and describes his journey to La Crosse from East Troy, Wisconsin in 1851; his employment at the Black River House hotel in La Crosse run by W. W. Bennett; his marriage in 1857; and his role as a special deputy sheriff in the murder of David Darst by William Watts.

Reminiscences of Early Times, 1892/ Nathan Myrick

Typewritten copy of a letter from Nathan Myrick, an early settler of La Crosse, Wisconsin, to F. A. Copeland, Mayor of La Crosse, dated St. Paul, Minnesota, January 28th, 1892, in which he provides a brief account of his life and reminiscences of his arrival at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in 1841 and subsequent life as a trader in the settlement of La Crosse, until his departure for Minnesota, ca. 1850.

The Washburn Tapestry: Weaving a Sense of Place: Washburn Neighborhood, La Crosse, Wisconsin / UW--La Crosse public history class, Fall 2003

Oral history interviews with 9 families of the Washburn neighborhood in La Crosse.

What Do You Remember: Memories of a Neighborhood / compiled by Terri Boesel ... [et al.]

Oral history interviews with families of the Hood/Powell Park/Hamilton neighborhood in La Crosse.

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