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National History Day 2018 Theme: Conflict & Compromise in History

Welcome to the National History Day resource page brought to you by the La Crosse Public Library and UW-La Crosse Murphy Library. We developed this guide to introduce students and teachers to local topics for use in the National History Day competition. This list is not exhaustive but gives the reader an idea of local topics and basic resources for a subject.

Generally, materials held in the special collections or archives area of either library do NOT check-out; the items must be used at those libraries.

Mississippi RiverFishing

The Mississippi River has undergone dramatic changes that have significantly impacted the wildlife population, from the Corps of U. S. Army Engineers and various channel depth projects (six-foot, nine-foot) and the lock and dam system, to private and public efforts to fill and dredge parts of the bottomland. The Izaak Walton League strongly opposed the proposed lock and dam system, saying it would ruin the natural beauty and economic resources (fishing, hunting, trapping, logging, etc.) of the Winneshiek Bottoms area of the Mississippi. The League agreed on a compromise with Congress to preserve the most valuable part of the river by location of the lock and dams. Today efforts continue to build islands, wing dams and control drawing down the water level in targeted pools to help slow sediment and encourage plant growth for resident and migratory waterfowl.

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