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Environment & Natural Resources

Application of Fecal Coliform – Fecal Streptococci Ratios as Indicators of Enteric Pollution in Pammel Creek / Harlan B. Olson, 1973.

UW – La Crosse Thesis.

Development of a Tree-Ring Chronology from Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginia, L.) for the Upper Mississippi River Valley / Froehlich, Miranda, 2008

UW - La Crosse Student paper appearing in the Journal of Undergraduate Research volume 10, 2008.

The Environmental History of the Upper Mississippi River at Trempealeau, WI / Jeffrey Kollath

UW-La Crosse Student paper appearing in the Journal of Undergraduate Research volume 3, 2000.

Effects of Contaminants on Naiad Mollusks (Unionidae): A Review by Marion E. Havlik and Leif L. Marking (Fort Collins, CO : U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service), 1987.

A bibliography of existing literature up to 1987 regarding naiad mollusks or freshwater mussels.

Effects of the Dairyland Power Cooperative Electrical Generating Facility on the Phycoperiphyton in Navigation Pool No. 9, Upper Mississippi River / by Jeffrey V. Vansteenburg, 1983

EIS Environmental Impact Statement for North Campus Development at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

This 1978 final environmental impact statement was prepared by UW-La Crosse to comply with federal and state regulations in order to construct an Outdoor Physical Education & Environmental Interpretive Facility on 29 acres of University owned land in the La Crosse River marsh area. The statement includes a general description of the proposed action; location; historical perspectives; existing environment; probable impact on the environment; any potential adverse environmental effects that could not be avoided; alternatives to proposed project; and maps and graphics.

Environmental Statement Marsh Land Fill / Prepared by Office of the Chancellor, Kenneth E. Linder

This environmental impact statement was prepared by UW-La Crosse to proceed with land fill plans on 33 acres of University owned marsh land south of Gorder Road in order to construct athletic fields. The statement includes a description of the proposed action, probable impact on the environment; any potential adverse environmental effects which cannot be avoided, alternatives to the proposed project, and discussion of problems and objections by government officials and private citizens. Also included are photographs, maps, and copies of correspondence with pertinent local and state officials.

Exploring the History of the Mississippi River

Flood Plain Information on Mississippi River and Tributaries in Vicinity of La Crosse, Wisconsin / United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. St. Paul District., 1970.

The Flora of La Crosse County / Deon M. Nontelle, 1973.

UW-La Crosse Theses.

The General Wind Characteristics of the Greater La Crosse Region / Prock, Larry, 2008

UW - La Crosse Student paper appearing in the Journal of Undergraduate Research volume 10, 2008.

The Geography and Economic Development of La Crosse County / Vernon, Mabel Dorothy, 1920.

This 40 page thesis written for a bachelor of philosophy degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1920 is a traditional economic history of the city and county of La Crosse with chapters on early growth and development, transportation, and industries – lumbering, manufacturing, agriculture.

The Geography of La Crosse and the La Crosse trade territory / by Walter W. Ristow

This 61 page thesis written for a bachelor of arts degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1931 investigates the physical geography and agricultural resources of the region surrounding La Crosse that is dependent upon the city for services and trade.  Accompanying maps and charts.

History of La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 1881.

Geological Formation of the Region-This 862 page tome is the preeminent 19th century history of the La Crosse area. It begins with a general overview of the history of Wisconsin but then begins a detailed account of the history of both the city and county of La Crosse including its villages and towns as well as biographical sketches of prominent citizens. It is illustrated with black and white woodcuts. A name index to this volume was compiled in 1977 by Murphy Library and this index is included.

The History of Parks: with an Emphasis on the La Crosse Park System / Larry Smalley, Darren Spreiter, Patrick Hollihan, 1990

UW-La Crosse student paper.

History Repeats Itself, Grandad Bluff

Grandad Bluff, the tallest bluff in the area, has been a focal point of the La Crosse community. Limestone rock was quarried from the bluff and this served as a source of building material for many years. However, when the property was about to be sold for large scale quarrying, La Crosse citizens were outraged. A prominent family, Joseph & Irene Hixon, bought the property in 1909 holding it in trust until it was donated as park to the city of La Crosse in 1912.During this time, local citizens, lead by Mrs. G. C. Hixon, raised $15,000 to purchase the property and to help build public roads. Along with this purchase was some property below the bluff which became the nucleus of Hixon Forest.

History Repeats Itself, Hixon Forest

Hixon Forest traces it roots to the founding of Grandad Bluff as a park. It was donated to the city in 1912 as a park.  This collection of articles highlights the beginning of the trail system, a cooperative effort of the Greater La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce and La Crosse Park & Recreation Department, to the new "This is Not a Trail" (TNT) mountain bike trail that leads through Hixon Forest connecting on top of Grandad Bluff to the Human Powered Trail. Some land acquisitions and the beginning of the Nature Center are also highlighted.

History Repeats Itself, Natural Beauty

One of the features residents and newcomers like about La Crosse is its natural beauty located so close to their work and home environments. Topics in this category range from towering bluffs, urban wetlands (the marsh) and bird life in the Seven Rivers Region (Coulee Region).

Impingement and Entrainment of Fishes at Dairyland Power Cooperative’s Genoa Site / Michael C. McInerny.

UW-L theses for Master of Science in Biology.

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955

History of the Natural Setting of La Crosse Wisconsin / Minnie E. Lemaire

Knowledge, awareness, and practices related to nitrate well water testing among private well owners in La Crosse County, Wisconsin / Meghan O'Donnell, 2010

Hixon Forest Comprehensive Plan (2005)

Lower Black River Priority Watershed Project Final Report / Goldade, Lynn Z.

"This 1997 report was required by a soil and water management program for the Lower Black River watershed in La Crosse and Trempealeau counties. The program was administered by the the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The 29 page report evaluates the degree to which both water resource and land management project objectives were accomplished."

Memoirs of La Crosse County / Benjamin Bryant; 1907.

This work, along with History of La Crosse County, 1881, are the preeminent published sources for 19th century La Crosse history. Bryant’s Memoirs, as it is commonly called, is a wide-ranging work that covers the early history of La Crosse as well as the social, education, government, religious, and business institutions. The book is divided into 22 chapters and also includes brief histories of the smaller towns of La Crosse County. An alphabetical name index to Bryant’s Memoirs was prepared and digitized in 2004 and is available for searching at the “name index” button.

Natural Conditions - Geological Frmations--Topography-Drainage-Soil--Climate-Annual Meteorological Summary-Fauna.

Public Grounds and Drives - Pettibone Park-A. W. Pettibone-Myrick Park-Burns Park Cameron Park-Schaghticoke Country Club Grounds-Interstate Fair Grounds -La Crosse County Fair Grounds-Oak Grove Cemetery--Joseph W. Losey-Catholic Cemetery-Neshonoc and Hamilton Cemeteries-FairView Cemetery, Bangor-Grand Dads Bluff-Drives-Losey Boulevard

Lumbering on the Black River at Onalaska, Wisconsin, 1852-1902 / Dorothy Sagen Johnson, 1974.

This 45 page seminar paper was written for a University of Wisconsin - La Crosse graduate history class. The paper tracks the rise and decline of the lumber industry of lumbering along the lower Black River and describes its effect upon Onalaska, Wisconsin from 1852-1902. It includes one chapter that describes lumbering methods and logging operations. Also includes a bibliography, maps, charts, and statistics documenting the local lumber industry.

Morphological and molecular characterization of Mycorrhizal fungi associated with a disjunct stand of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) in Wisconsin / Jonathan M. Palmer, 2006

UW-L theses for the degree of Master of Science in Biology.

Myrick Marsh Nature Trails Guide / by Laura A. Schuh; Illustrated by Malenna Smith

This 38 page pamphlet is a nature guide to the trails, vegetation, and animals of the La Crosse marsh. There is a map of the trails with associated numbered descriptions of items of interest. The pamphlet is illustrated with black and white drawings of marsh plants, insects, and animals.

Naiad Mollusks of the Black River at the Clinton Street Bridge: La Crosse, Wisconsin, May 1978 by Marion E. Havlik (Madison, Wis.: Dept. of Transportation), 1978.

Findings of field work conducted in May 1978 in the Black River. Specimens found included the endangered Higgins Eye mussel.

Nutrient (N,P) Dynamics, Hydrology, and Sedimentation Rates of Lake Neshonoc, La Crosse, Wisconsin / Paul Gerard Ritter, 1986

Nutrient Limitation of Periphyton in Western Wisconsin Streams during Winter Baseflow Months / Symmank, Shane.

UW - La Crosse Student paper appearing in the Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Pollen gathering by honey bees in La Crosse County, Wisconsin / Severson, David William, 1978.   

Quantitative Survey of the Phytoplankton and Water Quality of the La Crosse, “Black” and Mississippi Rivers / George A. Cary, 1972.

UW–La Crosse Thesis

Reminiscences of Early La Crosse, Wisconsin

This book is a comprehensive, first person account of people and events in La Crosse in the 19th century by Louis H. Pammel. At the time of publication of this 102 page book in 1928, Pammel was a professor of botany at Iowa State College. His book begins with a general history of La Crosse, a description of the flora and fauna of the area, and his father’s emigration from Germany and arrival in La Crosse in 1855. The focus of the book, though, is on the people that Pammel knew or had acquaintance of and events that occurred La Crosse primarily in the 1870s and 1880s. There is a name index at the back that was added at a later date. There are no illustrations.

A Study of the Phycoperiphyton Community in the Black River, La Crosse County, Wisconsin / Michael Raymond Strenski.

UW-L theses for Master of Science in Biology.

Soil Survey of La Crosse County, Wisconsin by W. J. Geib, Clarence Lounsbury and T. J. Dunnewald (Washington, DC : Government Printing Office), 1913

Prepared by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey with field data gathered in 1911, this soil survey of La Crosse County was naturally intended to help further knowledge about the soils that exist in the county for agricultural purposes and to help farmers make sound decisions of what types of agricultural crops to plant. A description of the 17 different kinds of soil is included, as well as a color soil map that accompanied the publication.

Soil survey, La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 1960 / Marvin T. Beatty, 1960

State of the Bad Axe-La Crosse River Basin / Koperski, Cindy, 2002

A Survey of Halfway Creek, La Crosse County, Wisconsin to Determine Temperatures, Nitrate-Nitrogen, Nitrite-Nitrogen, Ortho Phosphate, and Sediment Present in the Creek / Robert R. Hoffman, 1972.

UW-La Crosse Seminar paper.

A Vegetational Analysis of the Floodplain Fforests and a Floristic Survey of Van Loon Wildlife Area / David John Kordiyak, 1981

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