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1959 La Crosse State College Football Team: 2009 Reunion 50 Years of Fun and Memories

Booklet containing newspaper articles, statistics and photographs of the UW-L 1959 football team.

Brief History of the Division of Physical Education at Wisconsin State College, La Crosse, 1913-1953 / Gordon Harry Bahr.

This 126 page seminar paper was written in 1958 by Gordon Harry Bahr in partial fulfillment of his Master of Science degree from Wisconsin State University-La Crosse. It was the first formal history of the physical education program at Wisconsin State College-La Crosse, covering a 45 year period. Besides a history, an additional purpose of the paper was to provide information on the evolution of physical education courses of study and activity programs and to lay the groundwork for further studies, such as the philosophies behind changes in physical education curriculum. The paper is divided into six chapters and includes original photographs and numerous charts.

Brief History of the Formative Years of the Recreation Discipline at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1944-1968 / Kay L. Krumenauer, 1986.

This 40 page thesis by Kay Krumenauer was written in 1986 in partial fulfillment for her Master of Science degree from UW-La Crosse. This study traced significant events which occurred within the recreation discipline at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from its inception in 1944 through 1967. Events included: state recreation leaders requesting that La Crosse establish a recreation leadership training program to help meet the growing recreational needs of society after World War II; formulation and approval of the first recreation curriculum, a double major in physical education and community recreation; hiring new staff; student activities including establishment of the Recreation Majors Club in 1960; establishment of the Department of Recreation and Parks in 1967; and the development of two major areas of concentration in Recreation and Park Administration and Recreation Program Leadership.

The Contributions of Hans Christopher Reuter to Physical Education at La Crosse and in the State of Wisconsin / Vera Estelle Williams.

La Crosse was the only teacher’s college in the State of Wisconsin designated for the specific purpose of training physical education teachers between the years 1912-1958. This PhD dissertation at Ohio State University by Vera Williams examines the career of Hans Reuter, a physical education professor from 1920-1956 at La Crosse, who was highly instrumental in curriculum development and teacher training. Williams also looks at the German Turner movement in physical education in the United States and its influence on Reuter.

The Development of Baseball as a Major Sport of the Wisconsin State College at La Crosse / Robert E. Kime, 1957

UW-L seminar paper.

The Development of Football at Wisconsin State University-La Crosse / Thomas Marshall, 1967.

This 33 page seminar paper was written in 1967 by Thomas Marshall in partial fulfillment of his Master of Science in Physical Education degree from Wisconsin State University-La Crosse. This history of football at La Crosse is divided into four phases beginning with its inception in 1911 through 1967: Normal School; Teachers College; State College; and State University. Its purpose was to find out why football was started; what kept it moving; and why it became the major sport it did at Wisconsin State University - La Crosse.

Emma Lou Wilder : She Came to Teach / Linda Jean Thompson

UW-L theses for Master of Science.

The Harring Era: The History of Football at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse: From 1969 to 1997, the 29 Years Under Head Coach Roger Harring / Eugene E. Williams.

This 161 page book covers the career of Roger Harring, head football coach at UW-La Crosse, whose teams won three national championships during his tenure. There are a number of contributors with separate entries for each team from 1969-1997. The book is extensively illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

History of Men's Track and Field at Wisconsin State University at La Crosse / Hector N. Fischer, 1968.

This 82 page seminar paper was written in 1968 by Hector N. Fischer in partial fulfillment of his Master of Science degree from Wisconsin State University-La Crosse. This history of track and field at La Crosse is arranged chronologically into three periods; 1911-1926; 1927-1942; and 1946-1967. The paper attempts to examine each of those periods and explain improvements in the athletes’ performance. Outstanding athletes are highlighted, as well as team and individual records. Appendices include lists of coaches; individual record holders; individual conference champions; yearly team records; and team captains.

Leon W. Miller / Gerald C. Larson, 1974.

This 65 page thesis paper on the life and career of Leon Miller was written for partial fulfillment of a masters’ degree from Wisconsin State University- La Crosse. The thesis covers Leon Miller’s 40 year career in the Physical Education Department at Wisconsin State University-La Crosse, where he earned his Bachelor of Education degree in 1927, and was a full-time faculty member from 1927 until his retirement in 1967. Mr. Miller taught in almost every area of physical education. He also initiated competitive tennis at La Crosse State Teacher’s College, coached the basketball team during World War II, served as Intramural Director, and was an interim Associate Director of the Physical Education Department. An appendix includes a bibliography, copies of documents and awards that Leon Miller had earned in his long and distinguished career, a survey questionnaire, and remarks by Gerald Larson at his thesis presentation in 1974.

Twenty-Year History of the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, 1971-1991 / Chad E. Vik, 1993. 

Walter J. Wittich: Physical Educator, 1885-1953 / Anna Beth Culver, 1967

This 217 page thesis paper on the life and career of Walter Wittich was written for partial fulfillment of a Masters of Science degree from Wisconsin State University- La Crosse. Wittich joined the La Crosse Normal School staff in 1917 as an assistant professor of physical education and became Director of Physical Education the next year. Under his direction through 1953, the department changed drastically with improvement and additions to the curriculum and the facilities. This thesis gives Wittich’s biographical background; his profound influence on the Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Wisconsin State University-La Crosse and its rise to national prominence; and his professional contributions to the field of physical education. Includes original photographs. Appendices include physical education curriculum; faculty of the Physical Education Department from 1918-1953; and a bibliography of the writings of Walter Wittich.

Welcome Dad's Day : La Crosse State vs. River Falls program, 1959

Program of  the 1959 football game La Crosse State Teacher's College vs. River Falls.


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