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Celebrate 75

This 32 page booklet was produced in 1984 by UW-La Crosse in honor of the university’s 75th anniversary. It begins with a brief history of the school then focuses on the contributions and reminiscences of faculty, staff, and students. The booklet is richly illustrated with photographs.

Chronological History of the Development of the Campus School of Wisconsin State University at La Crosse, 1871-1970 / Mary Emmert Seielstadt.

This 70 page seminar paper was written in 1970 by Mary Emmert Seielstad in partial fulfillment of her Master of Science degree from Wisconsin State University-La Crosse. Purpose of the paper was to describe the establishment of the Campus School at La Crosse in 1909; explain the function and philosophy of the Campus School; describe changes in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities over the years; and describe the events that threatened to close the school at the time of the writing of this paper.

College Observes 25th Anniversary, 1984

Historical newspaper articles appearing in the La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press on June 1, 1984 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the La Crosse State Teachers College.

First Seventy Years: A History of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1909-1979 / George Gilkey

This is the most comprehensive history of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, which began in 1909 as the State Normal School-La Crosse. Arrangement is roughly chronological and subjects covered include the establishment of the university, faculty and administrative governance, student life, impact of war on the university, and student protests in the 1960s and 1970s. Numerous appendices include faculty emeriti, faculty by department, administrative officers, and an organization chart.

A History of the Campus School at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1909 to 1973 / Richter, Troy. 

UW – La Crosse Seminar Paper

A History of the Office of Extension Education at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse, 1974 -1982 / Knuston, Keith A.

History of UW-La Crosse Collection

The History of UW-La Crosse Collection includes resources that document the history and evolution of this campus. The collection includes published material as well as archival materials and may eventually include additional books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study of our state's university system and its campuses. The materials included in this rich and growing collection were selected by librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists.

La Crosse State University Reaction to the Vietnam War, 1964-1969 / Kristin Hartman

Recollections, 1909-1973, Campus School University of Wisconsin La Crosse

The Campus School, or Training School, operated on the UW-La Crosse campus from 1909-1973. The School’s mission was to provide practice and supervised operation for teacher training candidates and to teach children from kindergarten through 9th grade. Written by Susan Hessel, this 140 page history of the Schools contains many personal reminiscences. In addition, it includes a timeline, a list of faculty, index, and numerous photographs.

Social Equality Between 1962 and 1983: The Lives of Women on Campus at UW - La Crosse / Kyle Cronan

UW-L: 75th Commemorative Edition (Catalyst: October 1984) / University of Wisconsin--La Crosse. General Honors Program.

UW-La Crosse Racquet

The La Crosse Racquet is the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin –La Crosse. Currently, UW-L Murphy Library has digitized 1910/11-1974-75 & 2000/01-current.

UW-La Crosse Racquet Yearbook

The La Crosse Racquet Yearbook is the student annual at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Currently, UW-L Murphy Library has digitized all published annuals 1911-1990.

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