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Lumber Industry

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955

Rafting on Black River / Emil Heintz

Log Marking / A.H. Sanford

Log Scaling / A.H. Sanford

Looking Pine in Wisconsin

An Early Logging Contract / Albert H. Sanford

Some Economic Aspects of the Lumber Industry / Robert Fries

Life in a Lumber Camp / Frank Hartman

Lumber Jack Poems

Log Marking and Scaling / Albert H. Sanford

Rafting in Black River / Emil Heintz

Memories of Lumbering on Black River / Charles P. Crosby

Smell of the Sawdust / Douglas Malloch

The Beginnings of a Great Industry in La Crosse / Albert H. Sanford

The Passing of the Sawmills and the Growth of Manufacturers in La Crosse / H.J. Hirshheimer

Sawmills of Onalaska, North La Crosse and La Crosse

Reminiscences of a Lumber Camp Teamster / recounted by M. Desmond

Old Man River / Mrs. Pauline Turner Funkel

The Black River Boom / Hannibal Plain

A View of the Sawyer and Austin Sawmill, 1886-1889 / A.H. Sanford

Logger's Words of Yesteryears / L.G. Sorden, Isabel J. Ebert, 1956.

Dictionary of logging and lumbering terms.

The Lumbering Industry of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1841-1905 / Selma Sather Casberg, 1953

This 78 page master’s thesis begins with an overview of the rise lumber industry in western Wisconsin in the 19th century.   The careers of influential lumber barons in the area are spotlighted.  A separate chapter is devoted to Nathan Myrick, fur trader and first settler in La Crosse, and highlights his journals kept at the La Crosse Area Research Center (La Crosse Mss F).  The remainder of the thesis analyzes the impact of the lumber industry on La Crosse and its eventual decline.  Includes bibliography and appendix.

Lumbering on the Black River at Onalaska, Wisconsin, 1852-1902 / Dorothy Sagen Johnson, 1974.

This 45 page seminar paper was written for a University of Wisconsin - La Crosse graduate history class. The paper tracks the rise and decline of the lumber industry of lumbering along the lower Black River and describes its effect upon Onalaska, Wisconsin from 1852-1902. It includes one chapter that describes lumbering methods and logging operations. Also includes a bibliography, maps, charts, and statistics documenting the local lumber industry.

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