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Index to City of La Crosse, Wisconsin intensive survey report: architectural and historical survey project by Joan Rausch and Richard Zietlin (1996)" index compiled by Anita Taylor Doering & Carrie Ann Seib, 1999.

An Intensive and Architectural and Historical Survey Report of La Crosse County : containing three reports of surveys of the La Crosse County Heritage Corridor, Southern La Crosse County, and Northern La Crosse County compiled in 1995, 1998, and 2002 provided by La Crosse County Historic Sites Preservation Commission (La Crosse, Wis. : The Commission), 2004.

An architectural and historical survey of three areas of primarily rural La Crosse County that is a combination of the following three reports with one unifying cover:

(1) La Crosse River Valley Heritage Corridor, La Crosse County, Wisconsin : Intensive Survey Report, Architectural and Historical Survey Report
(2) Southern La Crosse County, Wisconsin : Historic/Architectural Survey, ca. 1854-1950
(3) Northern La Crosse County, Wisconsin : Historic Building Survey, ca. 1854-1950
Barabara M. Kooiman was the principal investigator in all three surveys.

Footsteps of La Crosse

Discover the history and architecture of La Crosse as your expert guides share stories of La Crosse.  Look up and encounter the architecture of this historic Mississippi River town.  Experience the development and beauty of La Crosse from the boomtown riverboat days to today through the evolution of building styles and details.

Historic La Crosse : Architectural and Historic Record
by Joan M. Rausch with Richard Zeitlin (La Crosse, Wis. : Architectural Researches, Inc.;
Madison, Wis.? : Historical Resources, Inc.), 1984.

A summary of findings from the Intensive Architectural Survey of La Crosse, 1983-1984 architectural survey of La Crosse, Wisconsin, including chapters on residential, commercial, public and religious buildings, architects, designers and builders, as well as historic districts.

The Hixon House / Gloria Bailey Jackson, 1987.

UW-L research paper prepared for History of American Art.

La Crosse Architects: A Checklist of Architects in the City of La Crosse from 1853 to 1973 / Compiled by Carolyn Nelson, General Editor, Edwin L. Hill.

La Crosse County Historical Sketches, 1931-1955

Types of Architecture Illustrated in La Crosse and Vicinity / Harold Weisse

Practices of preservation in the Goosetown neighborhood / Lindsay Marshall, 2007

UW-L senior thesis.  The Goosetown Neighborhood is one of the oldest working class neighborhoods in La Crosse. During a redevelopment project in the 1980s, a Phase I investigation was conducted on the Jacobus house located at 608 North Sixth Street. By looking through the information in 47-LC-13, and comparing it against the procedures which took place in saving an 1858 Greek Revival house previously located at 422 North Eighth Street, information can be gained about the architecture within the neighborhood, as well as the development of cultural resource management and historic preservation practices within the city.

A Report on Some Historic Structures in the Downtown Area [of] La Crosse, Wisconsin / Leslie F. Crocker, 1977.

This report discusses some of the existing buildings in the downtown area that have historical or architectural importance.  Streets covered include Pearl, Main, Second, Third, Fourth.

A Study of Two Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright and Percy Bentley / Mary Eater, 1970.

A paper attempting to determine the extent of the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on houses designed by Percy Bentley, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, between the years 1911-1921.

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