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Newspaper articles related to floods in the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Major floods of the Mississippi River have greatly influenced where national, state and local project money has gone over the years. This collection of articles highlights the record-setting floods that La Crosse residents have experienced in 1880, 1951, 1952, 1965, 1969, 1993, 1997 and 2001. While the flood gage has been moved over time, the National Weather Bureau identifies the top five record high Mississippi River crests at La Crosse in this order: 1965, 1880, 2001, 1969, 1952.
Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (Geological Survey)
Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (Geological Survey)
This site includes aerial obliques (photos), surface obliques (ground level photos) and video of the La Crosse and Coulee region of the Mississippi River suffering effects of flooding in April 2001.
Prepared by the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center.
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Oral History Program
Miyamoto, Bud -- Interviews
Oral history
Oral history -- Wisconsin -- La Crosse
Interviews -- Wisconsin -- La Crosse
La Crosse (Wis.) -- History
00:00:20 -- Introductions, born at Gundersen Clinic lived in apartment above Guggenbuehl and Nekola Department Store
00:01:20 -- Mother's background before she met Miyamoto's father, moved to La Crosse at nineteen, working at the Auto-Lite factory, work tasks, shift management
00:02:36 -- Father's service in the 100th Infantry Battalion, U. S. Army, (predominantly Japanese American unit from Hawaii) during World War II, father's transfer to Camp McCoy for basic training, missions in the Pacific Islands interpreting Japanese communications, father shot in shoulder and discharged from U.S. Army, parents meeting in La Crosse
00:04:20 -- Childhood, social life, spending time with friends and classmates at local sporting events, school dances, and The Sweet Shop, North Side neighborhood, comparing teenage years to scenes from the movie American Graffiti (1973), drag racing cars on Main Street on Friday and Saturday nights for entertainment, dining at Country Kitchen, student rivalries between Central High School and Logan High School
00:09:50 -- Riviera Theatre, seeing the Wizard of Oz as a child at the theater, seeing color film for the first time, being afraid of film character the Wicked Witch of the West
00:12:10 -- Childhood, recreation, swimming at the North Side Beach, spending days at the beach, getting sunburnt, sunburn remedies, taking vinegar baths, playing recreational softball at Copeland Park, fishing on the Black River, visiting the county fair and circus
00:14:50 -- Religion, being baptized and confirmed at St. Luke's Methodist Church, attending church camps in the summer at Pine Lake, Wisconsin, friendships with Catholic children, attending different grade schools than Catholic friends, Catholic parents not allowing their children to talk to other children who were non-Catholic
00:17:00 -- Being Japanese American, friendships with people of other races, families of color on in the North Side neighborhood, the Moss family, first encountered racism while playing high school football, players on other teams using racial slurs
00:21:30 -- School, extracurricular activities at Logan Junior High School and Logan High School, Student Council President and Class President, respecting football coaches, Joe Thienes (1926-2013) and Jack Fent, Athletic Director Ron Johnson, Assistant Principal and basketball coach Rod Martin (1908-1990), Logan High School being on the "other side of the tracks," students coming from blue collar families
00:24:10 -- North La Crosse, solidarity, feeling of community within the neighborhood, shared experiences of blue collar families, community caring for one another, community bond throughout the North and Lower North Side
00:25:56 -- Community gatherings, picnics with neighboring families in Copeland Park, North Side neighborhood or at County Park in West Salem
00:27:15 -- Auto-Lite factory, 1959 lay-offs at Auto-Lite, mother loses her job, community grief caused by factory closing, Miyamoto family discussed moving to Iowa, staying in La Crosse because of community connections, mother worked three jobs to provide for her family, late 1950s
00:32:10 -- early employment experiences, shoveling snow for business community on Caledonia Street, Manke Hardware Store, M. Lokken & Son Grocery, Neumeister's Butcher Shop, Guggenbuehl and Nekola, Nelson's Clothing Store, and Berg's Pharmacy, delivering newspapers for Milwaukee Sentinel, working at The Sweet Shop, Sandy's fast food
00:36:10 -- U.S. President John F. Kennedy, memories of the day President Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963
00:37:55 -- 1965 Flood in La Crosse, city preparing for the flood, using sandbags as a preventative measures, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse college students' assistance to the upper North Side before and during the flood, damage on the Causeway, damage to businesses North Side businesses, severity of the flood
00:39:25 -- Fast food management employment with Hardee's Restaurant chain throughout Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana
00:40:30 -- Memories of the train depot on the Lower North Side, visiting mother's family in Alma, Wisconsin by train, meeting actor Alan Ladd on one of the trains, love of the movie Shane, actor Lloyd Bridges visited La Crosse
00:46:50 -- Telephones, party lines, waiting for other neighbors to finish their phone conversations to use the shared line
00:47:55 -- Doctors' house calls, transition from house calls to visiting the hospital when in need of care
00:49:40 -- Listening to the radio, listening to sports on 580 WKTY, announcers Charlie Kearns and Mike Kearns, listening to rock stations, 102 Eagle
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
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Earth sciences
Manke, Greg
April 2001 brought widespread flooding of the Mississippi River to La Crosse, Wisconsin. This study compared two Landsat ETM satellite images, taken in April and September of 2001, to assess the geographical impact of the flood in the La Crosse area. The September image was used as the normal case and the April image was used as the flood case in order to draw statistical and spatial comparisons. By combining multi-spectral and panchromatic bands through a Brovey Transform resolution merge, the images were pan-sharpened to reveal the necessary information to give a detailed description of the flood. A classification of the transformed images shows how the river grew during the flood. A matrix function was used to produce an image that shows where flood waters resided during the flood.
Published as part of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume 7 (2004)
Upper Mississippi River Basin Coordinating Committee
Water resources development -- Mississippi River Watershed
Water resources development -- Middle West
Mississippi River Watershed
Mississippi River Valley
Upper Mississippi River Basin Coordinating Committee
Appendix I: Flood Control (vol. V)
Item donated by the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee (UMRCC) to Murphy Library in 2018. Part of the UMRCC Collection housed at Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.